Your dog training journey…revisited.

Your dog training journey! Dog training is a journey. A journey that is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s an easy journey other times it’s not. It can be easier for some and harder for others, even in individual households…the journey is different. A journey is never a bad thing. Each journey teaches us something invaluable. The most important thing to remember is you have to listen to what the dog is telling you and adjust what you do. Every time you read your dog, in a split second you have a window to do something. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Sometimes it will work then suddenly stop working. You have to listen and change what you’re doing. Your journey won’t always be fun. It won’t always be easy, infact it will mostly be hard work and an uphill struggle. Something that’s huge to you, may be insignificant to someone else. Why? Because they are on a different journey. Never lose sight because someone else is appearing to do it better than you, or their dog is coming along quicker than yours. Why? Everyone and every dog is different. Plus…they’re on a different journey. Accept things going wrong. You can’t train your dog till you accept that it will go wrong because that’s what training is all about. Enjoy it but don’t get disheartened when it doesn’t go how you want it. It’s a learning opportunity. Nothing in life is easy. Nothing in life is free. You have to be prepared to work at it and work very hard. Some will work harder than you…why…because it’s not your journey.