Online and remote training

Times are changing and due to Covid 19 we are increasing the online and remote training that we offer.

We have an online puppy course with training videos, training notes and training structure as well as several interactive and supportive facebook groups.

To sign up for the puppy course visit Online puppy training course

Does your dog pull on the lead? Then we can help. Visit Online loose lead walking course

We also have The Cwnsaethu Video Channel which is a yearly subscription page. Here we post discussions and training videos and hold live training videos every month.

We also offer 121 remote video training and support. These all work slightly differently depending on what sort of training or behavioural consultation is required. This may involve you sending us some videos in advance of the video session so that we can formulate a plan in advance to help. Sessions last up to 1 hour (Behavioural consultations will be longer)

For more information contact us directly