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What my clients say is just that, what they say. I have a very open policy regarding feedback. Please feel free to add your testimonial via the comments box below. Thank you!

Donna says: I’ve been training with James for about 8 months now. He really does understand dogs and treats them as individuals, quickly finding out what really motivates them and brings out their natural abilities. James soon put me at ease and my dog absolutely adores James.
James is very supportive and for a first time dog owner like me, I really did find a gem of a trainer when I found James.
I love his positive attitude towards dogs and the confidence as a responsible owner that he instills in me is great, his knowledge and handling skills are brilliant.
Absolutely highly recommended. I travel quite a distance to train with James and it’s well worth the journey.

Anna says: Fantastic HPR class. James really pushed us onto a level that I didn’t think was possible with my 14 month Vizsla. I am inspired to push on with a renewed confidence in both our abilities. More importantly, I can see why we need to keep working on the basic foundations to get a more solid performance when the bar is raised! Can’t wait for the next class.

Alan says: Thank you so much for the training session today. You have given us some new tools and greater degree of confidence which I am sure with patience and practice will result in a better understanding between Elvis and his new pack. You have obviously learnt your craft very well, and I must say that you are an excellent instructor.

Claire says: I cannot recommend James and Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training highly enough. The training is friendly and fun yet still highly professional. I feel very comfortable training with James and I never feel embarrassed to ask what might seem like a silly question. Both my dogs have come on tremendously since starting training with James. The mix of both behavioural advice and practical training is ideal and we have participated in both one to one and group training sessions, I’ve never been disappointed and always leave the sessions inspired and with confidence.

Fiona says: When I first went to see James it was due to having problems with my dog whilst on lead and I had also been told my dog was showing aggressive behaviour. Obviously I was upset about this and slightly nervous about seeing James.
There was no need James quickly re assured me that my dog was not aggressive which is what I desperately wanted to hear.
He built up my confidence with my dog and gave us training exercises to do. We attend group training classes and the occasional 121 and they are always fun and relaxed.

Georgie says: My husband and I own a 15 week old golden retriever called Bryher, and started training with James a month or so ago. We initially had a two hour one to one training session which helped us to understand our puppy and to build on the training we had started. Last week we attended our first puppy class with James which was informative and a lot of fun for us and Bryher. James is an excellent trainer, really knowledgable, gives great advice and is very encouraging and supportive to both owners and dogs. We are all looking forward to our next class in a couple of weeks. Thank you James!

Su says: James initially came out to us for a one to one puppy session, and despite having always owned dogs, I cannot describe how useful and informative this was. James’ calm and non judgemental approach is wonderful and Lucyfur (black labrador) loved him. I would recommend one of these sessions to anyone because, as James points out, these early weeks are critical. The session gave us top tips for a good start in puppy life, and lots of fun ways to develop and reinforce early training.
Lucy is now 14weeks old and we have just joined the group puppy class. James spends time with each puppy and offers lots of reassurance. Whilst Lucy may never become a gundog, I feel confident that we’ll all reap the benefits from going to the classes, and we’ll have a much happier and healthier dog for it.

Kate says: I first started training with james last august after attending a water training day he was hosting. I had just started gun dog training for the first time with my young cocker, and felt very overwhelmed by the task I had taken on alone. James instantly reassured me that I was on the right path, and with his expert guidance and confidence, my confidence and her skill set has gone from strength to strength. James is always on hand to advise and always has the answer to any questions I have, plus tons of patience to explain it, until I fully understand. James makes gun dog training two dimensional for his clients, by not only teaching the method in which to train certain exercises but also looking at the body language the dog is offering you as a direct result of your own body language and direction. Group sessions are fantastic fun and great for teaching patience, and we also enjoy our one to ones, as it gives us a chance to really test what we’ve been practising at home and learn even more. I genuinely cannot recommend james enough, for his knowledge, patience, understanding of how dogs think and respond to us and his drive to make sure me and my dog succeed at every opportunity.

Kerry says: The most important thing that James gave me was the confidence to know that with a bit of committment and the right attitude I could make a difference to my life and that of my dogs. Always on hand with help, advice and a sense of humour and to remind us that our dogs are living, breathing creatures and no two days will be the same.

Shonagh says: I contacted James as the training with our dog seemed to have reached a plateau and we couldn’t understand why. Just before our 121 session with James it was confirmed that our dog was deaf, which explained a lot! James reassured us that his disability would not prevent him from taking part in classes and that with the right means of communication, clear sign language and the slow introduction of a vibrating collar, our 13 month old spaniel is improving all the time. Whilst our dog may never become a gun dog “proper” the classes teach us an enormous amount about general training and the dogs all love them. As first time dog owners, Ian & I are completely inexperienced and have learnt so much from both the 121 sessions and classes, we have also had the benefit of meeting many other like minded people, all of whom have been happy to share their own experiences and advice which has also been invaluable. We would highly recommend James, who offers his expertise in a very positive manner, giving the owner the knowledge and confidence to enjoy training with their dog. We have also learnt recently, that training is an ongoing necessity and regular classes, for us, provides this continuity. As a result we have a very happy and fulfilled dog, who’s disability is being overcome through James expert advice and dedication to our dogs success.

Lisa says: I met James today for an assessment of my malinois pup. He was very professional and easy to talk to. He brought two of his beautiful dogs with him who were so very well behaved. It was nice to talk to James and express my concerns, and didnt make me feel silly when asking questions and it was amazing to see and learn some techniques. I look forward to working with him and am very grateful for his time and dedication in helping us so a HUGE thank you.

Claire says: We decided to try the agility classes as a change from gundog training yesterday. What a fantastic class! Indy (3years old) absolutely loved and took to it as if she’d been doing it for years! Dude (20 months old) seemed to gain more and more confidence and the lesson went on, and, it seemed to help him realise he has back legs to think about too! The lesson was brilliant fun with lots of advice given. Both dogs were tired out by the end of session which made for a very peaceful Saturday night. Thanks James for adding another activity to our list of fun things to do with our dogs.

Baljit says: James has been a source of commendable knowledge and support in all aspects of our dog training journey, since day one, with our 8 week old Viszla puppy. I love his holistic approach on training the individual dog and its owner on how to understand each other, rather than one rule for all.

Lisa and Welly say: Welly and I started training with James about 6 months ago, initially as I was keen to find a class for us both to learn gundog skills but now we’ve been bitten by the training bug and do agility and 121’s on a regular basis too. I’m so pleased with the way Welly (my 13m black lab) has come on but also everything I’ve learnt as well. I think it was the first time I met James he said to me, the most important thing was for me and the dog to have fun and we certainly do! Everyone in the classes are always so nice and welcoming and as a result I’ve also made new friends too. I love training with James and the team! James is always full of good, sound advice based on an excellent understanding of how dogs learn and how to get the best out of them, with no question too stupid. Can’t wait for the next class!

Stephen says: James has has been helping me to train my pet gun dog for 3 years. The result is the best behaved, sharpest and happiest dog I have ever owned. I cannot recommend James highly enough. His calm and methodical approach to training, and his helpful advice and support, make every training session a pleasure for both me and my dog.
Donna says:  We started training with James a year and a half ago with our first Labrador, Jack (3 years old). We had problems with recall with Jack and I was at a loss of what to do as I couldn’t really take Jack for walks off the lead as he disappeared. Jack is quite a sensitive dog and James picked up on that straightaway and he gave us techniques to work on that encouraged and reassured Jack. James was very gentle and patient with Jack and he really responded to this in our training sessions. This gave me the confidence I needed to go out and do all the fun things I’d always wanted to do with Jack. We now enjoy long walks off the lead plus agility, which Jack is getting pretty good at, even though I say so myself! I will always be eternally grateful for all that James has done for Jack. I don’t know where I would have been now if we hadn’t have gone to James and I am really proud of what Jack has achieved since training with James. We are now training with James with our younger Labrador, Angus (15 months old). He is quite a different dog and once again James has been able to give us the exercises we need to deal with a confident dog with tons of drive! James has made the training really fun for Angus and he is improving all the time. I would (and have!) highly recommend James as a trainer for both dogs and their handlers. A massive THANK YOU to James for everything he’s done for both us and our dogs.

Jeremy and Gillian say: We first took our Brittany to James when we was around 8 months old, having tried a variety of methods, another trainer (with fairly “old fashioned” methods) and puppy classes (pointless). He is a lovely dog but wilful and we were approaching the end of our tether. My wife was pregnant at the time which didn’t help. We have found lessons with James and the subsequent group training classes excellent and Hamish is a transformed dog. We’ve learnt to work with him to get him to do what we want in a positive manner, rather than fighting against him. This has worked. James is extremely perceptive and is great at reading the dog to work out how to get the best from them. We set out just wanting a dog that wouldn’t pull on the lead and would sometimes come back when called. Recall is now almost perfect and heel work much much better. Our expectations have now risen. We’ve since done water training days and group gundog training and he’s been great. Better than we expected. He also swims now whereas before he was afraid of water. Having a tired dog after training is also nice. We realised that a lot of dog training it about the handler and not the dog. James is very encouraging and gives great advice to us too. We’ve also made some nice friends at the group training classes, which is an added bonus. I rarely write reviews and we’re all guilty of only talking about things when we’re not happy. But I’d thoroughly recommend James and Tristan. Thank you.

Claire says: I cannot thank James enough for helping us overcome Indy’s many worries and fears… Indy was a confident pup but in May 2014 after being attacked her world seemed to fall apart…not only did she become afraid of dogs her fear of fireworks became a fear of all noise…even a hand clap would shut her down…a walk became a mix of refusing to move, laying down shaking, and, pulling to run away from every noise…15 months on and she is loving life again! Things are not perfect but the progress we have made is unbelievable. She now sits steady to gunshot, enjoys walks with other dogs and is excited to be out in a field with dogs and bangs…what an achievement!!! Every now and then I look back over the last 15 months and what we’ve achieved to remind myself how far she has come…Thanks James x

Leah and Daniel say: We recently had a 1:1 behavioural consultation with James for our black labrador Wesley. He is 2 years old and is of a nervous disposition, which manifests itself in aggression toward people and other dogs. We met with James about a week ago and were delighted with the wealth of knowledge he could share with us and the insight he gave us into Wes’ behaviour. We felt the consultation was very thorough and allowed him to observe Wes in lots of different situations; allowing us to ask questions and receive practical solutions for the behaviour we live with on a daily basis! After reading all of the supportive documentation that he provided us with, along with a useful DVD that reinforced many of the lifestyle changes that we need to implement, we now feel better equipped to move forward and make some real changes for us and Wesley. I’m hopeful and optimistic about what the future holds for us and our lovely lab!
Thank you so much James.

Bernice says: We have a typical German Shepherd, nervous and not good with other dogs. We attended the Loose Lead Workshop which James ran to discover that I am the biggest contributor to my dogs anxiety when we meet other dogs. The workshop was really fascinating I learnt volumes about dog behaviour, instincts and how my reactions can cause a situation to escalate but more importantly how to prevent any situation from arising in the first place. Kate also contributed showing us how to bring the dog to heel and learn to walk alongside to this command. I can’t recommend the workshop too highly, it inspires confidence in yourself and your dog, in fact, I will happily attend the workshop again. Thank you James, Kate and Tristan and excellent day, well worth attending.

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