Gundog Training

Gundog training is a great way to both physically and mentally stimulate your dog and to increase the bond and relationship between you and your dog. Any form of training stems from Gundog training, be it flyball, agility or working trials. I offer training for all breeds of Spaniels, retrievers and HPR’s.

We start off with an initial one to one training session where we can assess where you’re at in training and then formulate a training plan from there for you to progress with. As well as one to one training, I also offer group training, workshop training days and breed specific hunting classes.

We cater for all abilities wether you’re just starting off with a puppy or you’re already training or working your dogs either at a novice or open level.

The ground we have access to is some of the best training ground available with a variety of types of ground including woodland, open fields and water.

Gundog training is not just for those wanting to work their dog in the field. I can help get your dog to a standard ready for the field or if you’d prefer to just continue working with dummies then we can facilitate that. It’s about having fun with your dog, building a confident partnership, an obedient dog and enjoying one of the greatest sports out there.


HPR training

Retriever Training

Spaniel training


I also run specialist Gundog training workshops to focus on specific skills such as water training days, cold game training days, walked up training days. We run them mostly in Kent, but use venues in Hertfordshire and Sussex.  I am always looking to add to the workshops we offer so if there is a specific training issue that you would like help with then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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