Retriever Training


Retriever training is focused around the numerous retriever breeds found around the United Kingdom. From Labradors and flatcoats to golden retrievers to Nova Scotia Duck Tollers to name but a few.

We aim at starting your puppy off in the right direction, building you and your dogs confidence and helping you in building the perfect partnership.

Covering all aspects of training from obedience, retrieving and patience, the classes are designed to not only install you with the skills to practice away from the classes but also to help you with your end goal, be that an obedient pet to a well rounded shooting dog.

We run retriever walked up specific training as well as training for working tests, field trials or just working your dogs in the field.

click here for a video of a memory retrieve

Classes are a great way to get your dog used to working around other dogs. We aim to develop you and your dogs retrieving skills utilising marked retrieves, memory retrieves and blind retrieves. With some awesome training venues, we are able to adapt the drills we do to suit the situation.

We always cover all the basics including:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Marked retrieving
  • Memory retrieving
  • Blind retrieving
  • Handling left, right and back
  • Sit or stop whistle
  • Steadiness
  • Obstacles
  • retriever walked up
  • and other bits and pieces!