Spaniel training


Spaniel training covers a variety of skills including obedience, retrieving and quartering.  We have a variety of spaniels coming to group training classes including cocker spaniels and English and Welsh springer spaniels as well as clumber spaniels.


Our spaniel training starts at puppy classes right through to advanced training allowing you to build up your dogs confidence to deal with a variety of different demands made upon them, wether as a well behaved pet or as a well rounded gun dog working in the field, our classes will get you and your dog there.

As well as training for the traditional role of the spaniel, a hunter we also look and train for retrieving, another aspect of their job.

click here for a video of a spaniel completing a blind retrieve

We cover all the basics including:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Hunting or quartering
  • Marked retrieving
  • Memory retrieving
  • Blind retrieving
  • Handling left, right and back
  • Sit or stop whistle
  • Steadiness
  • Obstacles
  • and other bits and pieces!

We also explore flushing,  introducing fur and feather as well as gunshot and when they are ready introducing them to game. We are very lucky to have had awards in working test and field trial awards with spaniels.